Professor Dennis Estes' 

JoBu Shin Kan Hoku

Member of the American Judo and Jujitsu Federation



Teaching Excellence

For nearly 20 years, the JOBU SHIN KAN has been bringing to the West Coast the very best in martial arts instruction. Our instructors have been personally trained by Professor Dennis Estes. They have reached their level of training not only for their skill and achievements in martial arts but also their ability to effectively relate that knowledge and understanding to students of all age levels and backgrounds. All of our instructors have come up through the ranks of Jujutsu following the philosophy and principles of "KODENKAN" ("School of the Ancient Tradition" or "School in which the Senior transmits the Tradition to the Junior") and as such have been training to become instructors as soon as they walked onto the mats of the JOBU SHIN KAN. Our Sensei and School Head continuously undergoes advanced training in all self defense skills, and keeps abreast of the latest teaching methods and human potential development.

A Modern Approach to Self Defense

Although our techniques are based on centuries old knowledge, it is our application of that knowledge that sets JOBU SHIN KAN apart. We realize that each of you possess different natural abilities; size and strength will vary from person to person, etc. That is why once you have acquired a strong foundation and ability in the basics, our program is individualized to match your physical capabilities in order to maximize your self defense skills. Should the need ever arise you will possess a firm understanding of exactly what it takes to both mentally and physically defend yourself or your loved ones.

Prof. Estes has studied martial arts for over 40 years, and has been teaching for over 30 years. He spent more than 8 years as a police officer and is a nationally certified police defensive tactics instructor. He is also the father of six children, all of whom have either studied or are studying with him.

It is his unique life experience that combines to make instruction at the JOBU SHIN KAN the best available in the Northwest.